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The Clever Cup

A method combining the repeatability of immersion brewing and the clarity of a pour over. In the Clever Dripper a catch prevents water escaping, meaning it can steep with the coffee rather than pass through. When the desired brew time has passed the catch is manually released, allowing the water to pass as in pour over brewing. The paper filter holds back small particles resulting in a cleaner cup.

As a result of its design you can tinker and experiment with your brew. You could use a finer grind with a short steep time or do the opposite. I usually brew with a coarser grind.

You'll need...

Clever Cup

Clever Filter Papers



Drip Scales



Coffee Grind Size Wheel from fine to coarse

Brew time | 2-3 minutes

Brew Ratio | 1:15 - 1:18

Water Temp | 90-96C

Remember these are guidelines, experimentation is encouraged.

clever cup grind size
Boil your water & grind your Coffee

Weigh out as much coffee as you need (30g - 500ml) for the size of your brew and grind it medium-coarse (slightly larger than granulated sugar). Boil your low mineral content water.

Prepare your filter

Pop your filter paper into the Clever Dripper. Soak it with hot water. This will remove the paper’s taste, stick it to the walls of the cone and heat up your equipment. Release the water and add your ground coffee.


Pour hot water into the vessel you’ll decant into to heat it up.

Quick Bloom

Now add 50-80 ml of hot water to the grounds and watch your coffee expand. This allows for the escape of carbon dioxide before adding more water and putting the lid on. This should all take 30 seconds.

Add Water

Pour the rest of your water over the coffee and give it a stir. Put the lid on to help regulate temperature.


After 2-2.30 minutes place the Dripper onto your emptied vessel.

The Release

When the Clever Dripper is placed onto the vessel it will open automatically. As it drains, stir the coffee gently so that the coffee collects at the bottom and not on the walls. This aids in a more even extraction. The entire brewing process should take no longer than 4 minutes.

Serve and Clean​

Once all the water has passed into the vessel remove the Dripper and clean up. Make sure to rinse the catch properly or it will affect the taste of future brews. If you decant into more than one vessel, be aware that they will vary in extraction levels. For this reason it may be better to decant all the coffee into a large pouring vessel at the release stage.

Prepping the Clever Cup

The Clever cup is set up. The grinder in the picture is the Lido 3. Click the picture to visit Orphan Espresso for more information.

Clever Cup Bloom 1

As the coffee expands and swells carbon Dioxide is escaping. This is the bloom.

Pouring into Clever Cup

After the bloom, add water to the desired amount.

Stirring the Clever Cup

Stir the grounds at the bottom to ensure all is soaked and there are no air pockets. This also eases extraction with agitation.

Releasing the Coffee

Placing the Clever Cup onto the beaker releases the catch, allowing the brewed coffee to escape.

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