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Keiran Jones Coffee Farm in Pu'er, China

Keiran Jones

I built Coffee Rambler to help and encourage more people to brew great coffee at home, share their experiences and to explore the wealth of information about coffee. 

Coffee allows for continuous discovery; from drinking instant coffee to buying from mega-chains, brewing with automatic machines to seeking out independent specialty coffee shops. The journey is long but anyone who loves coffee is capable of making the most professional coffee at home or at the office.

My own leap into the exciting acidity and sweet tastes of specialty coffee was greatly enhanced whilst working at Taylor Street Baristas in London. One particular coffee stands out, an Ethiopian from Rocko Mountain. The coffee left me stunned with big flavours of juicy peach, lemon acidity and strawberries. I had no idea coffee could be so complex. I have since moved to Beijing, spent some time providing cafes with beans and founded a country-wide coffee subscription service for home brewing.

We all have time to make coffee, from grinding through to brewing. Those five minutes allow for a quiet moment to think about and enjoy the craft, setting aside other thoughts for a moment.


Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy Coffee Rambler. Feel free to sign in and share so we might build a community. Furthermore, you can use the contact form below to enquire about:

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