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Aeropress Filters - Metal or Paper?

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

This article first appeared on The Home Barista.

Which filter makes a better coffee with the Aeropress?

The Aeropress is great for making quick, single drinks with a rich and full sweetness. Asides from all the variations available with an Aeropress, there is also another variable that affects the cup's flavour - the filter. This article takes a look at the differences involved using metal and paper filters in the Aeropress.

aeropress filters paper metal filter

-- When extracting with the Aeropress, the metal-filters should permit the transit of more solid substances. Does this correspond to a more interesting taste?

A coffee school of Florence, the Espresso Academy, we collaborate with, organize every month an evening with several coffee experiments.

One of the last was about a very cool and new tool of the coffee brewing world: the aeropress. For the extractions with this tool are often used two kind of filters: in paper or, growing and growing on the market, in steel; but, putting aside the practical advantages and disadvantages, which system is preferable?

In Florence they would to try. In the experiment was used, for both the extractions, the same coffee, the same water with same mineral contents, the same temperature of the water and the same brew ratio. Only varying the kind of filter used: a paper one in the first case, a metal for the second trial.

The benchmarks we used:

15 grams of coffee 190 grams of water at 92° A preinfusion lasted 30 seconds with 30 grams of water after the addition of 160 grams of water , wait 60 seconds before creating a turbulence Press in 20 seconds.

The extraction in both cases was obtained with the inverted Aeropress method that we mentioned in this post.

Let’s come to the results. As a general idea, a metal-filter should let more substances pass through, oils contained in the coffee included, making our extraction richer.

Among 4 tasters, two were already comfortable with filter-extractions and two tried this type of extraction a for the first time. impressions were:

1) paper filter: low bitterness, medium body, high tartness and fine aromatic notes, very similar to a v60 extraction

2) metal filter: stronger fruity aromas, low tartness, strong body, sweeter taste; more similar to a coffee prepared with a moka and the most appreciated from our tasters. --

I find myself agreeing with the results shown above. It's important to note the filter you use comes down to personal preferences, mine of which changes several times throughout the day. Having the option to make various different brews as per your mood is certainly a good thing. Coffee Rambler's Aeropress home brewing guide can be found here.

Article posted June 1, 2016 by Canto on The original can be found here.



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